2 best coffee brewing method

2 best coffee brewing method

2 best coffee brewing method. This silky texture, sweet taste, rich floral fragrance… it must be cold brewed coffee! Every coffee lover knows the difference between cold brewed coffee and traditional hot brewed coffee. Everyone is fascinated by the unique taste of cold brewed coffee.

Whether it is hot or cold, the raw materials for making coffee are the same: ground coffee and water. But why is the taste of cold brew coffee so different from traditional coffee?

First of all, the roasting and grinding methods of coffee have a great influence on the final taste, aroma and mouthfeel of coffee. But in the end, it is the brewing method that has the greatest influence on the taste of coffee. The final taste, sweetness and mellowness of coffee produced by different production tools and brewing techniques are completely different.

As a member of the Tech Insider science team, I prefer cold brew coffee. Although I still drink hot coffee to keep warm in winter, I believe that the taste of cold brewed coffee is indeed better. The following are the main reasons I cited.

2 best coffee brewing method

From the perspective of coffee brewing:

We all know that every coffee powder contains thousands of oils, chemical components and acids. These substances are collectively referred to as “soluble substances.” It is these soluble substances that give the coffee its mellow aroma and flavor. The coffee extraction process can effectively release these substances.

Coffee brewing methods are divided into two main categories based on temperature and time:

2 best coffee brewing method

1. Hot brewing (dripping) coffee:

 Speaking of hot brewing coffee, we naturally think of dripping coffee made with our old-fashioned coffee machine or hand-dripping drip pot. The preparation of this coffee is very simple. We just need to pour hot water on top of the coffee powder. We can often drink classic drip coffee in restaurants. But in coffee shops, baristas use professional coffee machines to increase the rate of coffee production. The Italian espresso they make is more aromatic, full of sourness, and more bitter.

2. Cold brewed coffee: 

The easiest way to make cold brewed coffee is to soak coffee powder in cold water at room temperature, wait for several hours or even days, and then filter the solution repeatedly. The produced coffee has a deeper taste, extremely weak bitterness and sourness, a richer taste, and a higher concentration than traditional hot brewed coffee. Especially if you drink it in the hot summer, the refreshing taste is unstoppable!

2 best coffee brewing method

From a chemical point of view:

When coffee comes into contact with water, the soluble substances in it begin to produce a chemical reaction, which results in the aroma and taste of coffee that we are familiar with.

The soluble substances in coffee will begin to dissolve at 195-205°F. Therefore, theoretically speaking, the taste and taste of hot brewed coffee should be richer than that of cold brewed coffee. Hot water also accelerates the dissolution rate of soluble substances and makes them extremely volatile. Therefore, a large amount of substances in coffee will evaporate with water molecules under high temperature conditions and enter your nasal cavity, allowing you to experience the aroma of coffee.(2 best coffee brewing method)

But speeding up the dissolution of substances will also bring some problems. The freshly boiled water will cause some chemical elements in the coffee to decay or oxidize, which is like iron exposed to a large amount of oxygen and will rust, giving coffee a sour and bitter taste. If you don’t like these two flavors, then cold brew coffee is definitely your best choice.

The oxidation and decay of chemical substances also occurs during the production of cold brew coffee, but the rate is extremely slow. Therefore, the bitter and sour taste of cold brew coffee is softer than traditional hot brew coffee. In addition, the slower oxidation and decay process also makes cold brew coffee easier to store, which can usually be stored for 2-4 weeks in the refrigerator. In contrast, the shelf life of hot brewed coffee is at most one day.

(2 best coffee brewing method)

Is ice brewed coffee the same as ice coffee
2 best coffee brewing method

At this moment, you may ask, why is the water temperature so low and the taste of cold brewed coffee is so rich? Indeed, the water temperature in the production process of cold brew coffee is much lower than the ideal dissolution and volatilization temperature of aromatic oils and soluble substances, so in general, you need longer time and double the temperature to make cold brew coffee. Coffee powder to increase the taste and strength of coffee.(2 best coffee brewing method)

Although the taste of cold brewed coffee is better and richer, the aroma is inferior to traditional drip coffee, because the aroma substances in coffee are difficult to volatilize at room temperature. In my opinion, this is the only flaw in cold brewed coffee.

Due to the amount of coffee powder used and the longer production time, the price of cold brewed coffee is usually more expensive than hot brewed coffee. But in fact, you can also make cold brew coffee at home, and the method of making it is extremely simple! Compared to the $4 cup of cold brewed coffee in the cafe, making it at home is more value-for-money!

(2 best coffee brewing method)

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