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Hi, I’m Mark I am coffee lover major is English teacher I love coffee when I have I like go to different coffee shop taste coffee and make friendship with coffee shop people yes I love that make friendship while drinking coffee that a reason my blog address whilecoffee.com. I worked with many coffee shop as volunteer this is sound crazy I love weekend time I like go to work local coffee shop as a volunteer because I can learn more about coffee I learned a lot about coffee its enormous topic I spend nearly 7 years learn about coffee in this blog I would like to share about coffee everything I tasted many countries coffee I like to say thanks all my coffee lovers friends they always like to share with me best coffee in the word I tasted many time cat coffee just free its really very expensive coffee all most every week I like to drink different types of new coffee . I have friends all over the world that’s my gift all are coffee lover some of them has coffee shop I learned everything from my friends. what you can learn from this blog

how to taste coffee?

how to find best coffee beans?

how to roast coffee beans?

how to drink coffee?

how to make different types coffee?

50 countries’ coffee?

how to set up coffee shop?

coffee bar tips, coffee shop tips, coffee bean grained tips.

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