different coffee has different effects on the body

Attention coffee lovers, two different coffee have different effects on the body!

How do I know if the cup of coffee I am drinking is made from dark roasted or light roasted coffee beans?

The easiest way to distinguish whether the coffee sold in the store is dark roasted or light roasted is to look at the packaging . It will be noted on the packaging. Of course, you can also make some simple distinctions based on the taste of the coffee .

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From the perspective of roasting aging, the deeper the roasting coffee beans, the bitter and stronger the taste of the coffee will be, and the lighter the roasting degree, the more sour coffee will be brewed. Using technical terms to describe the difference in the taste of dark roasted coffee beans is that the light roasted coffee beans will have more natural floral and fruit aroma, keep more plant acid, and the taste is more inclined to the sourness of natural fruits; while dark roasted coffee the beans are more of a caramel aroma after the mellowness and sweetness of coffee are combined.

It is also a great pleasure to distinguish coffee beans from the taste. Others may ask whether the content of caffeine varies with the length of roasting time? In fact, the caffeine in coffee beans does not volatilize until it reaches a temperature above 600 degrees. Regardless of whether it is dark roast or light roast, the highest roasting temperature is only about 220 degrees, so the content of caffeine in coffee beans is not There will be any difference depending on baking.

Besides the difference in the taste of coffee itself, light roasted coffee beans have better anti-aging effects , while dark roasted coffee beans taste less harmful to the stomach.

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