How to make unique American coffee at home

How to make unique American coffee at home

How to make unique American coffee at home. Pure American coffee is divided into two categories: The East Coast of the United States is stronger than the West Coast, and the South is stronger than the North. In terms of ethnicity, southern European and Latino people prefer strong coffee than British, German, and Nordic immigrants. The Americans dismiss the Europeans when they brew coffee. Americans drink coffee freely, and coffee is also inseparable in their lives, and the impact is so deep that it is not even a life without coffee.

Sometimes, some simple coffee machines are also called American coffee machines. In fact, they are drip coffee machines. All coffees are basically made with espresso, and then add some cream and sugar, respectively. Below are some common coffee ingredients.

Whether at home, office, public or roadside vending machine, Americans can’t live without coffee almost 24 hours a day. This consumes one-third of the world’s coffee production and is the country with the largest coffee consumption in the world. So, what are the characteristics of American coffee?

Americans are more casual and simpler to prepare coffee. This method soon became popular with the popularity of American chain stores in the world. Under normal circumstances, a cup of American coffee is made by blending two portions of espresso with 30 to 470ml of hot water. Because of the large amount of hot water, American coffee will look very light in both appearance and taste. In addition, the aroma of coffee will be slightly damaged as a result, and it cannot last as long as traditional Italian coffee. Although diluted with hot water, the caffeine content of American coffee is still higher than that of regular coffee. But its heat is very low. In the United States, Australia and New Zealand, sometimes the practice of adding hot water before adding espresso during blending is called Long Black.

If you want to make a unique cup of American coffee at home, look at these methods:

American hot coffee method one

1. Use a kitchen scale to measure 20 grams of coffee beans, which is almost equivalent to 5 cups of coffee.

2. Put the coffee beans into the dry mill, and the coffee can be broken into coffee powder within half a minute

3. The powder of American coffee should not be too delicate.

4. Put the coffee powder into the filter in the coffee machine, add a proper measure of water to the water tank of the coffee machine, there is a scale mark on the water tank, and the power will make coffee, and the pure coffee will be filtered into the coffee pot below within a few minutes Inside

5. Pour a cup of hot coffee from the pot and put a sugar cube into it.

American hot coffee method two

  • 1. Extract 1 ounce of espresso. (Generally, synthetic coffee beans are used. Pure coffee beans can also be used, but there are a variety of so-called coffee beans.)
  • 2. Heat the water to a full cup.
  • 3. Produced with milk balls and sugar packets.

American cold coffee method one

1. Fill the cup with ice eighth full, add a packet of sugar, and extract 1 ounce of espresso.

2. Heat the water to a full cup.

3. Add milk balls.

American cold coffee method two

1. Fill the cup with ice 80% full and add a packet of sugar and instant coffee.

2. Heat water to a full cup and stir well.

3. Add milk balls.

American coffee is black coffee made with a drip coffee pot, or made by adding a lot of water to espresso. When making the most demanding speed, convenience, and speed, cooking is more casual, simple, light taste, sweet and refreshing. Because it takes a long time to make a cup of coffee by hand, people apply electronic technology to the coffee machine to realize automatic control of the whole process of brewing coffee, such as preheating, cleaning, grinding, pressing, brewing, and purging. Automatic coffee machine.

The high-quality fully automatic coffee machine brews coffee in accordance with the most scientific data and procedures, and is equipped with a complete protection system. It is convenient to use, and the coffee can be obtained with a single touch, which is more convenient than The product of a traditional coffee machine.

How to make unique American coffee at home

The structure is more complicated, requires good maintenance, and the high maintenance cost is the disadvantage of this kind of machine. However, the automatic coffee machine is convenient, fast, consistent quality, high efficiency, and the outstanding advantages of the operator without training make it more and more popular with customers.

Manufacturers mainly rely on fully automatic coffee machines produced in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and other countries, with a wide range of varieties. Fully automatic coffee machines are divided into large, medium and small types according to the number of cups brewed per hour (generally from 60 to 280 cups per hour). There are many varieties, which are suitable for offices and homes.

How to make unique American coffee at home

(American general household appliances, automatic coffee machine, automatic one piece extraction, convenient and fast, can make a variety of different coffee, automatic brewing process, the system automatically cleans the dirt function to ensure cleanliness and human health)

Although the United States is the largest exporter of instant coffee, not many people drink instant coffee in the United States itself. In recent years, they have paid more and more attention to healthy eating. The sales of decaffeinated coffee on the market have gradually increased, and the trend of drinking coffee without sugar has become more and more common. When Americans drink coffee, they are playing a game that does not require rules.

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