how to use American coffee

how to use American coffee

Barista shares tips on how to use American coffee pots 

how to use American coffee. In making coffee, there are five types of coffee pots frequently used in coffee training, including siphon pot, Moka pot, French filter press pot, drip filter pot and American pot. To learn coffee making, you must learn how to use these five commonly used coffee.

how to use American coffee

In fact, the American coffee maker is the easiest to use. Now there is a thing called a breakfast machine, which contains an American pot, so you can make coffee, fried eggs, and toast, all with one machine. Therefore, American pot is a product of the fast-paced life of modern society, suitable for friends who are not too particular about eating and drinking, such as Americans.

The principle of the American pot is the same as the drip pot. It can be said to be an electric drip pot. The internal container is a funnel type. The nozzle in the pot sprays hot water to the surrounding coffee powder in a radial shape, and the coffee liquid is filtered by this. That is American coffee. Spraying hot water is completely determined by the machine. Often, some coffee powder cannot be poured into the hot water, and the final coffee taste is difficult to control. It is thick and light. Just imagine that the appliances available in electrical stores can be professional. Where to go? I only use this thing when teaching students, and I usually let it rest in the box.

Making coffee: (1) Add cold water to the water tank and pay attention to the scale on the water tank (Figure 1). (2) Add 30 grams of coffee powder (2 cups) to the filter (Figure 2).

how to use American how to use American coffee

(3) Push the filter into its original position and press the switch. (4) After patiently waiting for a few minutes, the coffee is ready (see Figure 4 on page 127).

how to use American coffee

Coffee making Tips:

(1) Choose a machine with a high wattage when buying. The wattage is related to the water temperature. If the wattage is too low, it is difficult to heat the water in the water tank to a sufficient temperature, so the taste of the brewed coffee will not be ideal.

(2) Use coarser coffee powder,

(3) You can put more coffee powder. The coffee brewed in an American pot is very light, light, and light.

(how to use American coffee)

One of the biggest characteristics of American coffee is the randomness of making. Unlike European dogma, Americans like to be unconstrained and eclectic. American coffee is an indispensable part of Americans’ daily lives, and many people cannot live without coffee. You can see all kinds of coffee machines and coffee vending machines at home, in the office or in public places. According to statistics, the total amount of coffee consumed by Americans each year accounts for 1/3 of the world’s coffee consumption, and the United States has therefore become the country with the largest coffee consumption in the world.

what exactly is caffeine?
how to use American coffee

Americans live at a very fast pace. Unlike Europeans and Middle Easterners, Americans don’t have so much time for entertainment and life. They will pour a large cup of hot water into the espresso, and the taste of American coffee is lighter than other coffees, so that industry experts sneered at it, thinking that American coffee is bland and tasteless, and of poor quality.

I remember an American friend told me that the first Apollo mission to the moon ended in failure. Astronauts faced a life-or-death decision, but Americans were not worried. As long as they had American coffee, no matter what danger they faced, they could do it. Face it calmly. This shows that American coffee has a profound impact on American values ​​and even American society and culture.

American coffee is very easy to make, you only need to pour 300-470 ml of hot water into double espresso. After dilution with water, the taste of American coffee is lighter than that of ordinary espresso, and its aroma and taste are somewhat destroyed. The aftertaste is not as long as that of espresso , but the caffeine content has not been reduced as a result . In general, American coffee has lower calories than regular coffee.

(how to use American coffee)

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