20 minutes make you understand coffee |better than 99% of people

20 minutes make you understand coffee better than 99% of people (part of the skill development series)

Coffee, tea and wine are known as the three major beverages of human society!

However, 99% of people have serious misunderstandings about coffee, even in the metropolis where coffee shops are on the rise; so, even if you don’t drink coffee, you will get enough to talk with a glance.

Have you ever had this kind of confusion:

1. You can’t care about the taste of coffee at all?

2. Why does coffee taste better than drinking?

3. What can I do if I can’t sleep or feel uncomfortable after drinking?

4. Concentration, latte, American, Mocha Macchi, Herbalife, Ireland, cold brew, hand punch, and a bunch of inexplicable place names. What the hell are they? Give me a glass of Frappuccino!

5. Hard to understand the name? Drank nothing famous, besides bitterness, is there any other taste? After drinking for a few years, still only order latte?

6. After finally developing to drink something without toffee, to talk about the taste with others, besides bitterness, can’t find any other adjectives in your head?

I’ll help you solve these problems, and 20 minutes will make you a coffee expert in the eyes of your friends .

Today’s sharing has three main points:

1. Basic knowledge 1:

What is coffee? How to classify? What’s in the coffee shop? Why not step on thunder?

2. Basic knowledge 2:

Something about coffee

The correct posture for drinking coffee at home

3. Advanced knowledge:

Where is the coffee good?

How to describe a good cup of coffee?

First look at basic knowledge 1, let’s solve the following problems:

1. What is coffee?

Coffee is a beverage made from coffee beans;

The coffee beans should be ground before making, or the ground coffee powder should be used directly;

Coffee beans come from the kernels in the coffee tree fruit, not pulp, but kernels;

After the nuts are simply processed, they are usually sun-dried or washed with water, and then they are made into what is commonly known as raw beans and then traded in the market;

After being roasted (it can be simply understood as roasted beans), the raw beans are the common finished coffee beans on the market;

There are various big brands and private workshops on the market, usually selling beans directly or crushed coffee powder;

Put a few pictures to help everyone understand:

Points not to step on thunder:

Freshness is very important and freshly baked products are better than those that have been produced for a long time.

Try to buy beans instead of noodles.

After opening the bag, it must be sealed. A container with a one-way valve is better than a completely sealed container. It is best to drink it within a month.

Do not store in the refrigerator freezer.

2. How to classify?

It divides the most common classification method into two categories: instant coffee and instant coffee, according to the production method.

Instant coffee is the first type we see, and the most common brand is Nestlé, which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. I can say that the coffee life of Chinese people started with Nestlé! There are two categories, mixed instant coffee and pure coffee powder (freeze-drying process is better). We are most familiar with the blended instant coffee with non-dairy creamer and sugar; pure coffee powder is what everyone says is dark and bitter.

Instant-made coffee (that is, the real coffee we call) refers to the coffee made in various coffee shops, or the coffee made by ourselves using coffee beans or powder. Derivative products include coffee concentrates, hanging ears, capsules, etc.

Another important classification method is according to the type of coffee beans:

The main categories are Arabica and Robusta ;

Arabic cartoons believe that the quality is better and the caffeine content is relatively low. This type of coffee is mostly on the market.

important points:

Abandon the blended instant coffee, it does not have the taste that coffee should have, and the caffeine content is still high;

Must choose instant, UCC, Mokona coffee, Maxim can barely have the quality, the price is better, and it is easy to buy.

There are few single-product coffee beans sold by big brands on the market. They are sold in Italian blended beans (powder), which is not suitable for hand-punching, and the fineness is only suitable for Moka pots or coffee machines.

Choose the right coffee and understand three basic information: producing area, processing method, roasting degree

Beans from high altitude areas are of better quality and richer flavors (not absolute)

The single product is lightly baked, and the Italian-style concentrated baking is deeper

3. What do you usually have in a coffee shop?

There are three main categories in coffee shops:

1. Single-origin coffee (made from single-variety coffee beans)

2. Italian Concentrate (all kinds of beans are blended, each store has its own characteristics)

3. There are many kinds of beverages made with espresso and various auxiliary materials (milk, cream, water, etc.), such as concentration + water = American style; see the formula picture below to understand.

Points  step on thunder:

In Starbucks, Costa, and Luckin, I occupy Costa. At least I insist on using a semi-automatic coffee machine.

Cold brew is indeed better than ordinary American

The safest order is still latte. Milk will dilute the lack of coffee, which is also good news for people who are intolerant of coffee.

The quality of private cafes is higher than chain stores

Listen to barista recommendations in private cafes. If you don’t have a choice, cockchafer is the safest and monthlong is the most common.

Simple espresso is the best choice for shop exploration

If you are not sure of the coffee level of a small shop, the first thing is to observe their coffee machine and magic bean machine. If the machine is a high-end semi-automatic machine such as lamarzocco, it means that the boss has certain requirements for quality and the chance of stepping on thunder is small.

Don’t order Blue Mountain and cat feces, 99% of them are not available or fake

The cost of coffee shop materials only accounts for 10-20% of the selling price

Two, basic knowledge two

1. Something about coffee

The word coffee comes from Arabic. It originally meant a plant-based beverage. It was originally produced in Ethiopia, Africa. The popular single product Yegacheffe is the name of a local town in Ethiopia.

They introduced it into the Arab world from Ethiopia in the 13th century, and it became popular quickly. They estimate that Islam is abstaining from alcohol, as a stimulating drink, the reason I want to be popular! It was very expensive at the beginning, but after large-scale cultivation in South America at the beginning of the 18th century, the cost dropped and it became a world-class popular drink.

The main producing areas at present: Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Colombia. my country’s main producing area is Yunnan.

Coffee contains over 850 aromatic substances, most of which are only volatile, and some have two-way properties of water solubility and volatility, so it smells much more enjoyable than drinking.

Regarding caffeine, in simple terms, it is a central nervous system stimulant; it is addictive, and it is the most widely used psychotropic drug. But shouldn’t it be regarded as a scourge? Not that, in fact, we often consume caffeine. We can find it in many natural and synthetic beverages, from coffee and tea to soda drinks and functional drinks. It is also a common ingredient in many cold medicines.

Therefore, the focus is on intake and try not to overdo it . Each person’s tolerance to caffeine is different because of the influence of receptors. The daily intake is best within 300mg. They listed the content of caffeine in some common drinks below for your reference.

American coffee machine freshly brewed coffee (95mg), instant coffee (80mg), Red Bull Energy Drink (80mg), black tea (45mg), a can of Coca-Cola (40mg), espresso (27mg), green tea (20mg) and hot chocolate (19mg) ).

Practical little TIP:

Individual caffeine tolerance is not static

They increase the common side effects of caffeine heart rate, sleep disturbance, nausea and vomiting, and increased blood pressure

The caffeine content in milk tea is not much less than coffee, and because of the larger cup size, one cup is almost equal to two cups of regular coffee

2. The correct posture for drinking coffee at home:

A: Convenience-based series:

Hanging ears:

This is the most convenient way for home use. Some are like instant dissolve, just tear and flush, with boiling water, with no additional tools, but can provide you with a high-quality experience. The quality is determined by the brand of the hanging ear. In recent years, many private brands There are many high-quality choices, and the price is usually between 2-6 yuan.

Coffee capsule:

Need to buy a capsule machine, the price ranges from several hundred $40 yuan, illy is the overlord in the early stage, the design is good-looking, and the quality of the products is high. Nestlé has worked in this industry in recent years, and the machine is of low price and average quality. The daily consumable is a capsule, and the coffee powder inside is sealed with nitrogen to ensure the quality. The price of capsules is usually between 4-6 yuan. The advantage is that it is quick and convenient, within 2 minutes from booting to production, absolutely efficient, suitable for lazy people.

The alien on the left picture above is the one I am using, I recommend

Automatic coffee machine:

I do not recommend it for home use. Although it is convenient, the price is higher and the consumption of home coffee is less. The preservation of coffee beans is a problem.

important points:

Hanging ears to drink a single product, capsule machine, fully automatic Italian enrichment or American style

The cappuccino, latte, etc. of the capsule machine are all gimmicks. It is extremely not recommended. If there is an actual need, it is recommended to make milk froth separately. Manual and automatic are ok, not expensive

Choose ears at the beginning, use other appliances in the latter stage, and buy a capsule machine at no cost

The quality of Illy’s capsule machine is far superior to Nestlé, and the espresso is comparable to coffee shops.

Nestlé capsules are used repeatedly, manual filling can save costs, silly is not applicable

Illy is a powerful coffee brand. Over ten years ago, it can even be said to be a quality assurance for commercial coffee beans. It is highly recognized in Europe.

B: Have a certain hobby, can experience fun, a little troublesome, usually within ten minutes. Essential tool: coffee mill;

Hand punch:

The most common and suitable way to drink single-origin coffee. The principle is drip filtration, with little investment, just hand-flush pot, filter paper, filter cup, coffee container. It is recommended to choose electronic scales and thermometers, which can better control the production. It can be done within 100 yuan without grinding, so you don’t need to pursue too much. The quality of the equipment is the icing on the cake, and the quality of the product has a greater relationship with the personal operation method.

Moka pot:

A simple alternative tool for making espresso when there is no professional machine. At present, there are single valve and double valve. It is simple and easy to operate. It is suitable for brand coffee powder bought on the market. The unit price is 100 to 300 yuan. I use the following one paragraph.

French press pot:

It is a simple tool for making coffee with the method of soaking and the braising method in which water and coffee powder are fully contacted and soaked. The simple IKEA model is tens of dollars.


New tools in recent years, easy to carry, over 100 pieces, basic extraction ability, and changeable gameplay.

Semi-automatic coffee machine:

The ultimate weapon for coffee players, the price is expensive, starting from 5,000, and there are hundreds of thousands. It is used in private cafes. It is large and has a long warm-up time. I have bought the following one which costs over 50 kilograms and consumes electricity, which is equivalent to a water heater.

important point:

Coffee grinder is very important, coffee grinder is very important, my hand grinder at home is more cost effective than electric, the following picture is my use

The freshness of hand brewed coffee is especially important, don’t buy it without a roasting date

The common ones for coffee roasting are light, medium and deep. The deeper the roasting degree, the richer the oils and fats in the finished product, and the harder the smell of the coffee itself will be masked; the espresso is deep roasted, and the hand-pushed beans are roasted lightly

Thinking more about the techniques and feelings of the hands will give you a pleasant surprise, which is definitely worth much more than the upgrade of the equipment.

Do more, drink more, what suits you be the best

Don’t buy it semi-automatically. Delong’s best-selling one is the best-selling one.

Three, advanced knowledge

1. The standard for a good cup of coffee

The accepted scoring standard is based on: smell, including dry aroma, wet aroma, taste, balance of sour, sweet and bitter salt, taste, smoothness or roughness, and aftertaste (the aftertaste after drinking coffee) to evaluate a cup of coffee.

The flavor of coffee is cumulative.

The flavor of a cup of coffee = coffee aroma + taste + taste + aftertaste = dry and wet aroma + sweet and sour bitter and salty + smoothness and astringency + spiritual feeling

Aroma : The breath and aroma that comes out after the coffee is blended. The words used to describe the smell include caramel, charcoal, chocolate, fruity, grassy, malt and so on.


The four tastes of sour, sweet, bitter and salty perceived by taste

Sour taste : It has nothing to do with the pH value. It refers to a fresh and lively characteristic that promotes the function of refreshing the mind and clearing the taste of coffee. The sourness of good coffee is lively and sour, a lively and bright flavor performance, which is like the way of describing it in wine tasting. The entrance will only feel sour at the beginning, then it will fade away, and the sweetness will rise, not sour all the way to the end.

Sweetness : Divided into sweet and sour and sweet. It is a rare happy taste, because sweetness is often disturbed by the other three tastes, and it is rarely reflected in coffee. If you want to drink a cup of sweet coffee (not added externally), meet two points, one is to have good green beans (the content of sucrose and amino acids is higher than the average), and the other is to be perfectly roasted. The sweetness of espresso is also a reaction of sweetness.

Bitterness : Bitterness is a basic taste. The sensory area is at the base of the tongue. The bitterness of good coffee is strong but not bitter, and has a rich and mellow feeling, rather than astringency, bitterness, bitterness, and bitterness. This is caused by excessive extraction. Yes, most of the bitterness we often feel is deliberately created by deep baking.

Salty taste : it will not be reflected under the cover of sour and sweet taste. If the coffee you drink is obviously salty, then this cup of coffee is problematic, mostly because the coffee beans are too long, if it is overheated.


There are two main influences on taste: fullness and astringency.

Mellowness: the smoothness, which is the sensation left on the tongue after drinking coffee, and the taste expressed by the water-insoluble coffee oil and fiber. The higher the content of these two substances, the smoother the taste and the better the taste of the coffee. The change in alcohol can be divided into light to watery to light, medium, high, and fat. The picture below is a good-quality espresso.

Astringency : It is the opposite of mellowness. It refers to the roughness felt at the entrance. This astringency is a kind of touch and pain. The more astringency, the worse the taste of coffee.

Aftertaste: usually refers to the combination of taste and aroma. After drinking, the taste aftertaste in the mouth is subjective, so I won’t talk about it here.

2. How to describe a cup of coffee?

Usually we can describe it from the following angles:

What “color” (visual) does it look like, what “scent” it smells (olfactory), what “taste” it tastes (taste), and what “quality” it tastes (touch).

As for the words of each feeling, memorize more. If you memorize more, you are an expert, and I won’t be arrogant in this class.

My sharing today is ending, and a few more nagging words are useless:

The knowledge about coffee is complicated, and it takes a long time to really understand it. I believe you have heard of the 10,000-hour theory. Yes, this industry also conforms to the general knowledge of the 10,000-hour theory.

Maybe you will scold this liar. Didn’t you say that it was very simple at the beginning? Right or wrong, let the surrounding people think you are an expert in this field, and there is a huge gap between becoming an expert in this field.

But people rarely have a specific concept of knowledge that they don’t understand. As 99% of people, they are amateurs. They do not judge your true level. As long as you perform professionally, simple introductory knowledge is enough to make them produce illusion.


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