Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks

As soon as the weather is hot, “cold brew” coffee becomes popular. Come with a cup of cold brew. The fermented aroma and refreshing sensation make people instantly relieved. Even in the fall and winter seasons, some people will be obsessed with its taste.

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee, called Cold Brew Coffee in English, is made by soaking ground coffee powder in cold water for at least 12 hours and then extracting and filtering it through professional equipment.

If you want to be more mellow, you can also extend the time to 24-48 hours.

Is ice brewed coffee the same as ice coffee
Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks

Low temperature and long extraction time are the two significant characteristics of cold brew coffee and the two main differences between cold brew coffee and hot brew coffee.
Hot brew coffee is made by extracting coffee powder with hot water. The temperature is between 82-95℃, only 5 minutes. The fastest espresso (Espresso) is only 18-23 seconds, and cold brew coffee far exceeds hot brew coffee in time.

For the longer extraction time of cold brew coffee, a poetic sentence is used: “What you drink is not just a cup of coffee, but also a long wait.”

Features of cold brew coffee

Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks

In terms of flavour, high temperature will decompose the tannic acid in coffee into pyrogallic acid, causing sourness and bitterness. Studies have shown that the acidity in cold-brewed coffee is 67% lower than that in hot brewed coffee.

Therefore, compared with hot brewed coffee and iced coffee with ice after hot brewing, the coffee produced by the cold brewing process has a lower sourness and is welcomed by people.

In addition, low-temperature conditions and long-term contact with coffee powder make only small-molecule flavours, such as floral and fruity, to be extracted. Those large-molecular flavours, such as smoky flavours, roasting flavours., are challenging to remove. Was extracted.

This is why cold brew coffee does not smell very impactful to the senses, but it tastes smoother, richer, clearer, sweeter, and not greasy.

(Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks)

Can’t tell the difference between cold brew, cold bubble, and ice drop?

Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks
Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks

The chemical-like ice drip equipment in speciality coffee shops is a standard method for cold brewing. The coffee extracted with this equipment is called “ice drip coffee.”

In layman’s terms, the process of low-temperature extraction of coffee is cold extraction. Therefore, “ice drip coffee” is one of cold brew coffee.

In addition to ice drops, another method of cold brew coffee is cold brewing.

Like cold-brewed tea that has been popular since Taiwan a few years ago, cold-brewed coffee is produced by mixing coffee powder and ice water in a particular proportion and then slowly extracting it.

There is no need for a coffee machine or any brewing technology. The coffee is extracted entirely by ice water and time.

The difference between cold brew coffee and hot brew coffee

There is not much difference between cold brew coffee and hot brew coffee in terms of caffeine content.

The solubility of caffeine is mainly determined by temperature. If the ratio of coffee beans to water is constant, the caffeine of cold brew coffee will be less than that of hot brew coffee.

However, in general, the ratio of coffee beans to water in cold brew coffee may be 2 to 2.5 times that of ordinary coffee, which means that in theory, cold brew coffee will have more caffeine than coffee brewed by traditional processes and ratios.

However, cold brew coffee generally requires milk or water to dilute, diluting caffeine concentration.

Therefore, the most significant difference between cold brew coffee and hot brew coffee is the difference in taste, not caffeine content and nutritional content.

(Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks)

What kinds of beans are suitable for cold brew coffee?

Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks


a bag of hanging ear coffee or freshly ground coffee powder, light-to-medium roasted sun-dried beans are best (such as sun-dried Yeka, sun-dried Sidamo), stirring rod, glass bottle and cup.


  • 1. But the weighed hanging ear bag (coffee powder) in a sealable empty glass bottle, mix coffee powder, water and ice in a ratio of 1:4:8, put the ice cubes first, and then put it Coffee powder, and finally purified water.
  • 2. Use a stirring rod to stir the above mixture to make it uniform entirely, and seal it.
  • 3. Put it in the refrigerator at 0-5°C for at least 12 hours and take it out (for beans with a lighter roasting degree, it is recommended to extend the time).
  • 4. Put the hanging ear filter paper on the cup-like hot coffee and pour the coffee liquid in the glass bottle to filter. Or filter with filter paper in the filter cup by hand.
  • 5. Add sugar, milk or ice cubes according to your preference. It is recommended to taste the original flavour first, and it will open in an instant.
Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks
Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks

What kind of beans is suitable for cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is recommended to use sun-dried Yeka or Stidham, not because these two beans have a discount and are exceptionally cost effective. Still, as mentioned earlier, cold brew coffee has a lower sourness, and low-temperature extraction makes only tiny molecules. Flavour substances are extracted, such as floral and fruity aromas. Those large-molecular flavour substances, such as smoky flavours, roasting flavours,., are difficult to remove.

The general characteristics of African beans are the rich aroma and charming fruit acid. Its sourness is bright and exciting, but the mellowness of African beans is often slightly thin, and the sweetness is not very prominent.

The long-term extraction of cold brew coffee brings the richness, distinct layers, and sweetness compensates for the thinness of the African beans, and at the same time, suppresses the sharp sourness of the African beans at low temperatures.

(Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks)

Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks
Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks

The sun-dried coffee beans can well bring a natural and light fermentation aroma to the cold brew coffee, and the rich flavour of the sun-dried beans can also well correspond to the layering of the cold brew coffee, making the cold brew coffee less It appears monotonous because there are too few types of extracted substances.
Therefore, the sun-dried African beans and Lengcui are a natural match.

Of course, as American beans with a balanced flavour, the flowers and fruits from the production areas of Panama and Costa Rica have an unmistakable aroma or fine acidity, without losing the mellow beans, especially the honey-processed beans, which are more fermented, are also one of the cold brew coffee beans. Great match.

Cold-brew coffee can be stored for a more extended period without losing its flavour. It is a gospel for black coffee lovers. If you like to drink iced drinks, you can have a stylish “cold brew coffee”.

Why cold brew coffee one of the best drinks

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